Tailor made strategic solutions to solve business problems
Do you long for expert problem solvers who have the ability to work with you as your team member ?

We love tackling brand challenges and developing tailor made solutions

By working closely with your team we can leverage our experience to design solutions which is just right for the challenges being faced.

Our partnerships with a range of strategy professionals helps us provide solutions that is just right for you

Scripting Brand turnaround strategy

Do you long for expert problem solvers who have the ability to work with you as your team member ?

We hope that poor brand performance is only a passing phase. Those on the ground very often wish away the situation by attributing it generic macro factors.

In such situations experience is a great asset and you can count on us to tell you what is really happening and help prescribe the right medicine!

We will analyse and interrogate the data that you provide us. We will talk to your team . We will do a 360 review of the problem by fill the dots by exploring the missing link.

What's more, will identify exactly what needs to be done to get back to winning ways; which lever you need to pull to begin the turn around.

  1. Offering more benefits
  2. Getting more consumers
  3. Getting consumers to use more
  4. Building unstinted brand loyalty.

We will become your crisis management team, craft the new strategy and execution plan for you bringing the brand back to winning days.

Improving Innovation Effectiveness

Does lack of innovation consistency worry you ?

Innovation process in originations work best when new Ideas are generated in the presence of a vibrant aligning mechanism which can take charge of the execution with all its might.

The right connection between strategy, process, structure and capability is critical for effective delivery of innovation in the organization. Identifying the weak links and recalibrating them helps create healthy innovation rhythm

By understanding the process, people and culture and working hand to hand with your team we help embed innovation culture in the organization and guarantee significant improvement in innovation effectiveness.

Plugging leakages in Digital Strategy

Do you worried when team members look at Digital strategy as just a top up?

Consumers move seamlessly between digital and traditional worlds while taking purchase decisions. But organizations continue to develop digital & traditional marketing plans separately. This leads to leakage across the decision journey and a lost opportunity to amplify business impact.

By capturing consumer’s real decision journey, we will help you to prepare a a plan that minimizes leakage and amplifies your marketing ROI

Developing Insight Culture to solve problems

Do you wish your team knew how to be more insightful?

Many teams are guilty of assuming they can become insightful and generate insights in a workshop or just by doing a day of consumer connect.

To become truly insightful and generate transformational insights, your team must develop the habit of being ‘always on’ to insight discovery opportunities in life. They don’t have to do more things, they only have to start doing things differently.

We will train your team to develop four important qualities to be more insightful –1) How to be more curious 2) How to remove blockers 3) How to integrate 4) How to focus. The tools we offer you as part of this Process, embeds insightfulness in your processes and everyday behaviours.

We will work with you to embed and use the insight culture development process for on live projects. We can help you identify new opportunities, re craft existing mixes, develop brand communication idea, develop the shopper DNA etc. etc. Discover the power of insight led strategy for growth.

Learning to create winning concepts

Discover the principles of developing winning concepts and the steps to get there.

The first step in converting an idea into a solution is the concept that you write. The best concepts are written by the people who were there when it was born.

However, concept writing is a skill which not everyone is good at. Fortunately it is something which can be learnt. We will coach your team in the art of writing winning concepts using live projects.

Best concepts emerge out of a process which drills into the fundamentals of the idea and fosters creativity in the person writing the concept.

The process used by us-target group task map, expressing the brand truth that the concept lives up to, re discovering the product facts, building link with the category driver. Discovering the most relevant insight and fitting it all in a winning concept framework helps create magic.

Further, we will help avoid dampeners and evaluate the concept objectively during the development process making the concepts almost launch ready.

Converting Vision to Strategy

Do you want to build a robust strategy for your vision?

You have a vision but would like to convert that into brick and mortar. You want to decide on which businesses to invest? Which markets to prioritize? What categories to build?

We will partner with you to answer these questions using a robust framework to plan and execute your vision.

The process involves identifying key business specific enablers of success, designing a framework that uses data and facts to objectively help decide what to do, where to invest, what gaps to address etc. to realize the vision. The process is structurally engineered to involve continuous stakeholder engagement, which means the emerging plan is a team outcome

Overcome weak links in the strategy. Take objective decisions for successful translation of vision into strategy.

Building occasion Based strategy

Do you wish you had the most effective occasion based strategy for your brand?

When it comes to foods, strategies developed based on inside out understanding of occasions is a sure recipe for success.

Our unique 6W model for occasion building is developed on the foundation of six key pillars -(1)Who , (2)when ,(3)why, (4) why not, (5)with what and (6) when again .This helps clear articulation of the Primary Target , Secondary Target , helps club occasions which meet similar need state and Identifies the road map for overcoming barriers leading to the development of a winning mix .

We also help you perfect the art of repeat consumption via leverage of rituals.

Finally we help bring it all together using our ‘BPCCR’ catalyst

Real time tracking of Marketing Initiatives

How to set up a lightning fast feedback system to monitor innovations?

When you initiate a new marketing initiative-e.g. a new Launch or a Relaunch-you are eager to know how well it is doing right from the first day!

You can now track performance on top 10 critical metrics and rapidly take corrective actions to maximize the chances of success at the market place.

We have developed an operational model to deliver this. Please contact us to know more.

Strategic Pricing

Do you want of identify the missing link in your pricing strategy?

Pricing is key to communicating a brand’s positioning and value to consumers. Even established marketers are sometime surprised when they review the execution of pricing in their business and discover that it has ended up as operational compulsion and not a strategic mix element.

Our strategic pricing process brings pricing centre stage. It helps you define a clear sustainable pricing strategy and a pricing roadmap to land there.

Our process dovetails your brand’s strategic intent (Grow Share? Grow Profits? Premiumisation?) With customer and consumer realities. It helps you arrive at a pricing strategy that converges business objective with brand intent. The output of the process is short term and long term pricing plan that roadmaps the pricing strategy.

War Gaming and Planning

Do you wish you are always once step ahead of the completion?

No matter how well strategists plan for discontinuities, it can never be good enough in an ever changing market place. In a world where we have little influence over the actions of others, it pays to simulate different scenarios and protect you from potential market disruptions.

Synthesis of new information, data analysis and leveraging the full power of operational wing of your team can work wonders. We convert every one into strategists using the tools and techniques of war gaming helping harvest intuitions, personal vision and strategic ideas.

War gaming helps bring planners and operators on a single platform and prepare the right action plan which incorporates response to new scenarios. It forces you to look at things differently, it encourages you to test even risky execution plans and most audacious competitive response without fear and fine tune them to perfection, thus ensuring that you continue to win at the market place even as things change.

By simulating different scenarios in the safe environment of war rooms within your organisation, you can avoid mistakes and be ahead of the completion , There can be no better guarantee to ensure that that you continue to win at the market place even as things change .

Brand Migration

Several variables will need to be assessed to identify the migration candidate, including: brand equity, positioning, consumer loyalty, target audience, business performance and visual appearance.

We will help clearly articulate the brand migration objectives, differentiate the non negotiable parameters from the rest, list down the options, and decide on the migration route whether single stage or multistage and prepare detailed blue print for migration.

We will also review the challenges and action required to overcome the impediments to migration.

Humanizing Brands

Do you want to transform your brand into the most loved status?

In a world where everything tangible your brand delivers can be offered by competition too, you need to create strong intangible human-like assets that touch consumers’ heart to drive your brand’s preference.

By going through a unique process which helps understand what ticks people, what matters to them in their overall life in their cultural context and then ensuring that the brand fulfils a larger role in their life. We will discover the secret route to elevate our brand users from being just part of USER moments to being part of their WHOLE LIFE.

We employ a radically different way of doing person to person connections and follow that up with a unique team introspection and ideation process to discover intangibles. These intangibles influence every element of your brand, leading to a redefined brand architecture, innovation plan and communication.

We will work with your team and coach them to ensure you complete this transformation with ease and perfection.

Setting standards for product performance

Do you wish that your product philosophy has strong legs to stand on?

Successful brands have targets that the product needs deliver in order to meet philosophy enshrined in the brand ambition. This has to be expressed at a technical and consumer level.

The five step process developed by us involves
1. Review of internal understanding of the Product/Brand’s Ps
2. Categorisation of attributes into category must haves, brand differentiating attributes on both emotional and functional dimensions.
3. Determine which attributes can be at parity and which attributes should be our point of difference against our key competitors
4. Review current performance against the selected attributes and agree action points to address the gaps and
5. Conduct a alignment / decision making meeting with marketing and technical team and drive actions.

Delight your consumer by delivering product experience which surpasses the expectation raised by the concept by setting clear brand performance standards.